Enospa – Summer in Japan, part 4

Summer for many means leisure, and for others it means adventures and activities, but I think many can agree that a relaxing harmony between those things is what really makes us look forward to summer each year. Travel and sightseeing go hand in hand with vacation, but the act of traveling between sights can be an adventure in itself.

When traveling, even around areas you are familiar with, there are multiple tiers of exploration, depending on what mood you are in. If you want to move quickly from point A to B, a train or car along a major thoroughfare is the primary option. You can save time on travel, giving you a longer stint at your destination. A bicycle allows you to take in your surroundings a bit more, to see places you may have overlooked on your high-speed train or car ride, although the journey is longer. Walking or running takes the most travel time, but gives you the most intimate perspective on your course.

Enospa understands that a summer getaway needs a bit of physical activity to be complete, which is why they offer various exercise and activity options as part of their spa courses. Water exercises, yoga, and free island exploration have been common for some time, but a new and exploratory activity is taking form.

Nordic Walking takes participants on a guided walk through the inner workings of Enoshima Island. Spa members take advantage of the intimate look at sights and sounds available when you walk through the island, but as part of a fitness course complete with meals and spa therapy.

nordic walking enoshima island spa miyazaki

Ms. Yasuko Miyazaki, a champion Japanese women’s triathlete leads the course at Enoshima Island Spa. Ms. Miyazaki boasts an impressive track record, placing 3rd in the Women’s Ultraman Triathlon held in November of 2011. She is now very active as a sports therapist, and holds Nordic Walking workshops around Japan.

The terrain of Enoshima is very good for this sort of walking, as you can hike to the hilly shrines of the island itself, and quickly cross the bridge back to the beach for a trek along the coastline. Enospa is a fantastic opportunity to explore the island terrain and beautiful coastline, all while soaking it up at the hot spring bath, and getting the holistic healing to make your summer a relaxing and fulfilling vacation.