Enoshima Island Spa – Shonan Burger

The Enoshima Island Spa establishes itself as the premier luxury spa in the Tokyo area, but let’s not forget that Enospa also provides a fun and lighthearted family outing opportunity. The heated pools are perfect to relax on a sunny day, and the food options at Enospa are various to cater to any budget or palette.

shonanburger logoWe recommend Shonan Burger for a number of reasons. It’s affordable, quick, vegetarian, and most of all you can experience two of the foods that this area of coastline is famous for: Shirasu, and Satsuma-age (both fish-based and healthy!)



shonan burger meal

At just 680 yen for all the main sets, this is a great option to experience a tasty introduction to Enoshima munchies, not to mention Enoshima’s signature coffee included in the set (soft drinks also available)
This set shown to the left is the Shirasu and Satsuma-age burger, which is basically the signature of Shonan Burger. Shirasu are small white fish caught and served in huge quantities in this area of the coastline, and satsuma-age is pressed fish cake which is similar to fried tofu.





Shonan Burger is located just outside the main entrance to Enoshma Island Spa, so you really can’t miss it when crossing the bridge into Enoshima. The inside of the store has a very cool vibe, and they usually have some great tunes playing; different from the Billboard 100 hits you may hear at just about every other restaurant in Tokyo. Stay and relax a while, take in the relaxing vibe and see the hustle and bustle of tourists on their way to shrines and shops outside.

shonanburger shopshonan burger shop2







On a side note, Shonan Burger has recently opened a shop in Koshigaya, on the Musashino line、which is actually in Saitama; a bit far from the sunny Shonan coast. We’re happy that Shonan Burger is so popular that it can open up another location so far away. The satsuma-age burger is taking off, and the slogan of Shonan Burger at Enoshima holds true; Can’t go back to meat after this!

shonan burger