Enoshima Island Spa Shiatsu massage for stress relief and deep relaxation

Shiatsu massage has been around for more than 100 years. The word shiatsu translates to finger pressure and the technique involves the therapist using his or her natural body weight to apply pressure to specific points all over the body. The therapist will also stretch the body as well as rotating and manipulating the joints. The aim of the treatment is to rebalance the flow of energy in the body and is a deeply relaxing experience. Having regular shiatsu massage can also help to prevent a build up of stress. For the ultimate in relaxation and stress relief of the mind and body, combine shiatsu massage with natural hot spring therapy at the wonderful Enoshima Island Spa. To read more about Enoshima Island Spa, you can read reviews on the Deep Japan website, such as this one by GenS – Shiastu Massage.