Deep Japan – Sakura and Hanami

The sakura (cherry blossom) season is one of Japan’s most beautiful and cherished annual events.  During the lead up to the arrival of the sakura, Japanese people very much enjoy the hype of forecasting when the blossoms will begin.  The current forecast for Tokyo is that the first bloom of the sakura will be on 29th March.  The earliest sakura to bloom in Japan are always in the much warmer Okinawa, which was on 15th January this year.  Because of the cold in Sapporro the sakura can bloom as late as mid May.  The current forecast predicts this year, sakura in Sapporro will bloom on 5th May.  Upon the arrival of the sakura, the people of Japan enjoy the custom of hanami, which translates into seeing the flowers.  You can find detailed information about sakura and hanami season, including forecasting, on the Deep Japan website.