Reception for Taro Kimura

A reception for Taro Kimura, a “hagemasu-kai”

Japan is getting excited politically for the upcoming Tokyo Olympics, and in the light of recent economic hardships and a somewhat damaged international reputation, more than ever wants to bolster a strong political image both domestically and internationally. Japanese business needs to be oriented toward international opportunities, and inbound industry is looking to make a comeback as foreign tourists return to Japan, with no signs of slowing until the Olympics.
Taro Kimura hails from Aomori prefecture in the north of Japan, and had served on the Aomori prefectural committee for two terms before recently being appointed the direct aid of Prime Minister Abe. An event to welcome and encourage his newly appointed post was held in the political district of Tokyo at the Kensei Kinenkan, a politically significant building, basically serving as the administrative office of the Japanese parliament.


The Deep Japan Team was invited to this event both to support Mr. Kimura’s long time friend and leader of the Deep Japan Project, Mr. Daijo. We had quite the presence, and made an appearance at the front of the reception as representatives of the growing effort to spread knowledge and enthusiasm of Japanese culture to the rest of the world, which Japan eagerly welcomes as we approach the special opportunity of the 2020 Olympics.

DJ Ruth