Midas – Office redesign, Macro and Micro

Making an office, i.e. making an atmosphere has it’s various nuances and approaches. Some schools of thought will want to have an emphasis on communication, and some will want to have focused independent work the main idea. Midas has outlined its specific office philosophies, and many can be read about here in this blog, but one additional micro-step that we have to take, and is also directly connected to the macro-philosophies, is the furniture, and the physical interactive objects of the office.

Is a chair just a chair, or can a chair be a vehicle to swing you across the hall to a co-workers’s desk? Is a desk simply a desk, or can it be connected to the internet and cable to be a fully operational media hub? The furniture is the organ system of the office, and putting thought into the purpose of each piece will bring about the fundamental ideas you have in mind for your office’s function.
A unique bookshelf int he midas office for xontrolled sunlight
A good example here at Midas:
Midas aims to foster communication between employees, and facilitate a range of “workstyles” to make employees feel less “at work”, and in a freer and more open, relaxed environment.

Is a bookshelf just a bookshelf? Or can you strategically place it to allow certain amounts of sunlight in? Being able to adjust the amount of natural light at any time of the day is a pretty neat feature, and will make employees feel a bit less constricted.