A Mother’s Day treat from the Beng Teng Spa

Reward Mom this Mother’s Day with the perfect gift of a therapeutic massage at Enoshima Island Spa’s Beng Teng Spa!

At the Beng Teng Spa, Mom will receive a massage specially designed to suit her physical condition and personal preferences.  The Beng Teng Treatment massage is lymph drainage therapy for increased lymph circulation and includes hand massage for relaxation.  It is priced at ¥10,260 for 60 minutes. The Signature Treatment massage relieves stress and body fatigue and uses aromatic oils with delicate hot stone relaxation therapy.  It is priced at ¥10,260 for 60 minutes or ¥15,228 for 90 minutes.  With a Signature Treatment massage, Mom can choose from 4 different types of aromatic oil for massage, providing a variety of approaches to her “Mind, Body and Skin”.

l  Beng Teng (Loving)
Sweet, Gorgeous and Feminine fragrance (Coconuts oil, Flower)
“Mind” – Relax by sweet fragrance
“Body”- High moisturizing effect, Good for your hair and scalp
“Skin” – wrinkle preventive, Skin protection against ultraviolet rays

l  Dragon (Energy)
citrus aroma, Clear fragrance (Grapefruit, geranium, juniper berry)
“Mind” – Refresh, increase the powers of concentration
“Body”- elimination of the swelling, allow soothing and warming of the muscles, recover from fatigue
“Skin” – Acne prevention, tightening skin

l  Land (Earth)
Fresh fragrance based on trees (ilang-ilang tree, rosewood tree, frankincense tree, Jasmin)
“Mind” – Relax your weary mind and calm the senses
“Body”- relieve stress and provide an environment for complete relaxation
“Skin” – High moisturizing effect, anti-aging care such as wrinkles and sagging

l  Ocean (Harmony)
Exotic fragrance suggesting journeys in foreign lands (ilang-ilang tree, sandal wood, Jasmin)
“Mind” – Relieve stress and eliminate anxiety
“Body”- Restore the female hormone balance
“Skin” – Adjust sebum balance, Acne prevention, tightening skin

After her massage, Mom can enjoy the full use of the facilities at Enoshima Island Spa.

To make a booking, please phone directly on 0466-29-0690.  For more information about the Beng Teng and Enoshima Island Spa, please visit their website.