Deep Japan – Karaoke Culture

Karaoke is one of Japan’s most popular forms of entertainment.  On April 17th, the very first karaoke-convenience store hybrid, “Family Mart Plus Karaoke DAM” will open in Tokyo in front of the south exit at Kamata Station!  That’s right, convenience store chain Family Mart has teamed up with leading karaoke provider, Karaoke Club DAM to combine the benefits of a convenience store with the entertainment value of karaoke.  The convenience store will be open 24 hours a day and operate in the same way as any other convenience store, except that it will have the novel feature of self-service karaoke booths available to customers from 10am – 5am daily.  To learn about some of the fun features you will find at a karaoke booth and why karaoke has become such a popular part of modern day Japanese culture, have a read of the article Karaoke Box in Japan, written by Deep Japan senpai SEIJAN.