Jarman helps Ginza Aster spread appeal of special lucky dish

Ginza AsterJarman International helps spread Ginza Aster’s message of “Good fortune” at this turning point in Japanese history.

With the new era “Reiwa” beginning on April 1, the Rugby World Cup and the Olympics just around the corner, Japan is in a time of renewal, internationalization and hopefully good fortune.
As part of our support of Ginza Aster, we translate introductions of their unique and savory dishes for the Ginza Aster Facebook followers and in Spring we enjoyed interpreting their aesthetic take on Totsu Leaf Steamed Sea Bream and Abalone.
Please notice the positioning of the Kanji character “Fuku” symbolizing good fortune in Chinese characters. The presentation of this special character on this beautiful dish is something special. We hope many guests will feel a part of the celebratory mood in Japan.