Deep Japan – Japanese Pop Culture

Japan is a country extremely rich in culture, making it very interesting and appealing to tourists.  So many of the traditions and customs have been very strongly preserved and visitors will find many opportunities to observe this upon visits to shrines, temples, museums, gardens, tea ceremonies and much, much more.  However, in addition to this, to truly experience Japan, one must also be exposed to it’s vibrant pop culture.

Harajuku is a part of Tokyo where you will most definitely have the chance to see some great Japanese pop culture.  A visit there on the weekend will be sure to catch the interest of any tourist while people watching the trend-setting Japanese youth, sporting the latest Japanese fashion or dressed up in cosplay as their favourite characters.  A recent article Cosplay in Harajuku from the Deep Japan travel website, gives an interesting and detailed account of what you will see in a visit to Harajuku.