H&R Group: Martial Arts Lesson in English-Tokyo, Japan

Whether you are a total beginner or a high ranking expert, there is something extremely special about learning a martial art in the nation of inception. As well as providing you with the skills necessary to progress in the sport, it also gives an invaluable insight into the background, culture and discipline of, not only the art itself, but also Japan as a whole.

Japanese Martial Arts

Martial arts in Japan have their ancient origins in the times when the caste based society meant that only the samurai class were permitted to carry weapons, thus making knowledge of hand-to-hand combat imperative for all aspects of society. Japanese martial arts can be separated into two classes: Koryu, the traditional school referring to codes such sumo, jujutsu and the various forms of swordsmanship that were used pre-Meiji Restoration on the battlefield; and gendai budo, modern, post-Meiji sports such as karate, kengo and judo that have more emphasis on self-improvement than warrior combat.

Martial Arts Lessons in Tokyo

If you are interested in taking part in a martial art during your stay in Japan, there are plenty of classes you can join. The dojos (training schools) listed below offer at least some instruction in English.

Japan Karate Association – ISKC Karate
Classes taught in English by Richard sensei, a certified JKA instructor.

Address: Meguro Honshou 5-22-8, Meguro-ku
Website: www.jka.or.jp (Japanese)
Telephone: 03-5800-3091
Email: iskctaishijuku@yahoo.co.uk (Richard sensei)

Japan Karate Association – Shimokitazawa
Current karate practitioners who cannot speak Japanese are welcome, though for beginners, some basic level Japanese is required.

Address: Shimokita 3-30-13, Setagaya-ku
Website: http://jka-shimokita.jp/ (Japanese)
Telephone: 03-3469-5295
Email: miwako-abe@athena.ocn.ne.jp

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