H&R Group | Japan Relocation | Customer Responses

The H&R Group is a company which places lifestyle in the forefront. With properties spanning Japan’s largest and most vibrant cities, H&R helps you fine tune every detail no matter how big or small, in order to minimize the hardships and inconveniences of Japan relocation; a breath of fresh air in a fast-paced and dynamic society.

From the moment you set your sights on Japan, to the day when you first kick your feet up in your new residence,  H&R is by your side from square one.

What are H&R Group’s customers saying about their services? Moving to Japan can be a difficult process in many ways, and it’s moreover a stressful situation that can exacerbate even small mishaps to a serious level of irritation. Despite the potentially touchy process, H&R follows through with diligence, and understanding to make this process easy on you.


“Being a young professional, the move to Japan was an exciting but daunting decision. Karolina and the rest of the ReloJapan team made it (and still are making it) very easy and enjoyable. From finding an apartment to moving in, the friendliness and professionalism Karolina has shown is far beyond what I was expecting. I will highly recommend ReloJapan to anyone who is thinking of relocating.”
Adam Simms



“ReloJapan made my relocation to Japan a much easier process than I anticipated. The folks at ReloJapan, especially Naoko-san, were very knowledgeable and helpful. I would recommend your company to others moving to Japan.” “I cannot image what would it be like without your help. You did such a great job that made our challenges seem transparent.”
John Parker
McDonald Ls


This last comment sums up the value that a thorough company dedicated to customer service can provide clients. At the end of the day, small details take a far back seat to peace of mind. No amount of money or time is worth being able to take a deep breath and understand that your needs will be taken care of successfully.

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