Deep Japan: Official Collaboration with Kanagawa Prefecture

All of us at Deep Japan and Jarman International are excited to announce this news! Happy to now be in an official collaborative and very exciting relationship with Kanagawa Prefecture. Please read the English Press release from Kanagawa Prefecure below.

Promoting Amazing Aspects of Kanagawa Prefecture From An “International Visitor” Viewpoint
Expanding our Reach into Tourism-related Information Channels via Collaboration with “Deep Japan” website

Kanagawa Prefecture has signed a memorandum with Zero-in Inc. for mutual cooperation to provide information on Kanagawa Prefecture through their website “Deep Japan”. Deep Japan is an English language travel website which provides a more approachable Japan to the world based on various articles posted by expert “Senpai” writers (elders) who live and/or stay in Japan.

Deep Japan helps international visitors experience all the fun, culture, and excitement of Japan’s local side from the most basic elements up. Our team of expert Senpai writers can help open up all that is wonderful and local about Japan such as recommended sightseeing spots, restaurants and foods to the world in a different way that differs from and actually fills in gaps left by ordinary guidebooks.

Ruth Jarman Shiraishi, who is the author of the best-selling book “33 More Reasons to Be Proud” (日本人が世界に誇れる33のこと) and is currently in her second season as business consultant on NHK E channel’s “Basic Business English” (しごとの基礎英語), plays an active and important part in the Deep Japan project.  A broad range of her personal connections were also active in building the Deep Japan Senpai network and it’s positive tone is another reason why Deep Japan is successful in sharing high-quality, forward-thinking, and interesting information with the goal of deeper understanding about this country.

We hope to further highlight the attractions of Kanagawa Prefecture to the world and bring more international visitors to Kanagawa by cooperating with Deep Japan.
Kanagawa Prefecture Promotion video: ENJOY JAPAN

1. Cooperation Content

Kanagawa Prefecture
– provides travel information to Deep Japan through their travel website in foreign languages “Kanagawa Travel Info” and other travel related channels
-Kanagawa International Fan Club, Kyuutoukaidou (Old Toukaidou) Project and other events provide event information and other open informaiton to Deep Japan

Deep Japan
-Expert Senpai writers who live or/and stay in Japan post articles about Kanagawa Prefecture in English on Deep Japan website
-Deep Japan support and collaborate for various events together with Kanagawa Prefecture projects such as Kanagawa International Fan Club and Kyuutoukaidou (Old Toukaidou) Project.

2.Advantages for both parties

Kanagawa Prefecture
– Improve and enhance Kanagawa’s ability to deliver information to the world about attractions, history and various events in Kanagawa
– A collaboration between Kanagawa International Fan Club and Deep Japan will help to promote Kanagawa the Fan Club’s activities
– Links on Deep Japan are expected to create more traffic to the Kanagawa’s travel website homepage
– Invite more international visitors to Kanagawa

Deep Japan
– By having both Kanagawa Prefecture and Deep Japan highlight its collaboration, it will promote exposure to public notice as well as increase traffic to the site
– Deep Japan can utilize existing contents provided by Kanagawa and it will help to further activate the site itself

<“Deep Japan”Website>
– Launch : August 2013
– Travel website to teach international visitors how to enjoy a deeper experience in Japan including various sightseeing spot information.
– Information is posted by expert Senpai writers, most of them are longtime Japan residents. You get insights into Japanese culture and traditions, as well as first hand reports from Japan travel and tourism.

<Examples of Deep Japan post>
– How to enjoy Kaiten-zushi (Conveyer-belt sushi):
Isn’t That Green Powder Wasabi? How NOT to make the Mistake of Green Tea Powder in your Soy Sauce
– Ride The Tokyo Metro Like A Boss With These Apps
A list of useful English-language capable apps for Droid and iOS

※ Number of Senpai writers: 573, Number of posts 1,786 as of Jan 2015

<Zero-in Corporation Corporate Profile>
Company Name:     Zero-in Inc.
Owner:                      Daijo Mitsuyoshi, CEO
Founding date:   February 2, 1998
Business description:    Communication Service Consulting, Office Service Consulting
Number of Employee:   115 (As of January 2015)
Office:                               4F Ginza Medical Building, 7-4-12 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

Kyuutoukaidou (Old Toukaidou) Project: Kanagawa prefecture and local municipalities provide the information about Old Tokaido to local enterprises and communities and encourage them to develop smart phone applications to enjoy walks around the Old Tokaido.

Contact Information:
Mr. Arai
Director of Public Relations Strategy, Office of the Governor, Kanagawa Prefectural Government
Tel: 045-210-2024

Japanese Press release: