H&R Group Active in Charity

The H&R Group is primarily about making a smooth transfer for international business people and expatriates to Japan. Solving issues such as visas, housing, and social networking, as well as providing general everyday advice and lifestyle support, H&R wants your transfer to Japan to be as hassle-free as possible, with the ultimate intention being concern for your positive impression of this country we now call home.

H&R in this manner of good will fosters international commerce and society, however H&R further extends a charitable arm by participating in and hosting various charity events in Tokyo. Both as part of the ACCJ as well as events organized directly by H&R, they are always using their network and business connections to go above and beyond, and use their resources to give back to Japan.

ACCJ Charity Ball

The ACCJ charity ball is a luxurious Winter event that brings together business persons in the Tokyo area to network, dine in luxury, and enjoy quality entertainment. Sponsorship for the event ranges from Platinum to Bronze, and H&R can always be seen prominent on the list. Admission and corporate sponsorships go toward a variety of charities, and a full list of them can be seen here.

ACCJ Walk-a-thon

The ACCJ walk-a-thon is a smaller charity event that generates increased revenue for the larger Charity Ball event, just in time for the holiday season. It was a great event this year with a very large turnout, and in collaboration with the Tokyo American club, we generated a sizable donation for charity. See the details of the event here.

Along with planning from the H&R staff, we managed this year at the Walkathon to have a special visit from the 501st Legion, a fan-based group of Star Wars costumers to attend drives and events. It was really a blast.

ACCJ Walkathon