Enoshima Island Spa: Shonan Candle Festival NOW!

Enoshima Island has been lit up for the Shonan Candle Festival, with delightful night time illuminations at various locations, including the Sea Candle Lighthouse, some of the local cafes and restaurants.

The Shonan Candle Festival started from the end of October. Over 6000 candles will light up the Enoshima Samuel Cocking Garden on top of the island near the lighthouse every night 17:00-20:00 until Sunday, 9 November. It would be lovely to take a walk up to the garden and explore the island.

So when you visit Enoshima Island Spa up until the 9th of November, you can enjoy a relaxing natural hot spring bath in the cryspy autumn air, while watching the sunset behind Mount Fuji, with the added bonus of viewing the lovely candle illuminations around the island.

Please note that it might be cancelled on days with heavy rain or wind.

Autumn is a great time for hiking, long walks, and visits to shrines and temples. Combine a trip to the beautiful sights of Kamakura and Enoshima with hot stone relaxation and a bath in the onsen!  Please refer to our popular treatment package “Mermaid Plan“, which includes a full day use of our facilities such as Hot Spring and heated pools (don’t forget your bathing suit).