Enoshima Island Day Trip

Japanese and foreigners alike can enjoy the many temples and shrines located all throughout Japan.  One shrine or temple can be completely different to the next, often affected greatly by its setting.  You will come across very quiet and peaceful temples surrounded by beautiful gardens and then there are the temples and shrines that are reached via a bustling shopping street, lined with all sorts of interesting shops and stalls.  David from Deep Japan writes on this topic in his article Not Quiet Temples and Shrines.

Enoshima Island is an easy day trip from Tokyo and has a delightful shopping street, Benzaiten Nakamise leading up to the Enoshima shrine.  The shops there sell souvenirs, steamed manju cakes, fresh senbei rice crackers, thin octopus crackers, and local specialties made from dried seafood and seaweed.  After strolling through the shops and visiting the shrine, a great way to enjoy your afternoon on Enoshima Island is by visiting the luxurious Enoshima Island Spa.