Endless Enospa Appeal

What makes a location?

When considering a location for the day’s activities, you have to put in a bit of thought, and moreover have a bit of foresight in terms of what you might need, or might want to do throughout the course of your stay. If it’s a barbecue, you may have found a good spot, and managed to get all of your food and equipment set up, but you may have overlooked the fact that there is no restroom anywhere near. If you’re having a trip to a Japanese hot spring deep in the countryside, you need to be sure that you can withdraw money from somewhere near in case of an emergency.

The appeal of a location extends far beyond just appearance and activities. Logistics, access, amenities, safety, all of these things can contribute to the value of a location, and also the value it can provide you as either a consumer or visitor.

Jarman International will be working on a comprehensive list of all the concrete benefits of Enoshima Island Spa. From the convenient location, to the wide availability of food options in and around the spa, the list goes on and on, and we hope to introduce to you those benefits sequentially, and furthermore put Enospa on the map as the best place to relax and enjoy yourself in the Tokyo area.


a sunset view of enoshima island spaa beautiful coastline sunset view of enoshima island spa