Rainy Season in Japan – Easy, Affordable Ways to Beat the Heat

Tsuyu, the rainy season in Japan, is arguably one of its lesser liked features.

From late May to the end of July, people across Japan are treated to all manner of wet, from occasional sprinkles to intensive downpours. Add in the heat and humidity, and you can imagine how uncomfortable tsuyu can be. Trains become seemingly more packed and people more grumbly, the simply act of walking from point A to point B becomes an exercise in staying cool and dry. That’s probably why most people tend to stay indoors with air conditioners blowing full blast. And then, when tsuyu’s over, the nation sizzles for a few more weeks with the temperatures soaring past 30 degrees, while workers enter “Cool Biz” mode.

Beating the Heat in Japan

It can seem there’s no escape, sometimes. But there are, and here we present links to a few articles that deal with just how you can beat the heat in Japan.

Easy and Affordable Ways to Beat Tsuyu (the Rainy Season)

Another Easy and Affordable Way to Beat Tsuyu (the Rainy Season)

How to Beat Japanese Summer Heat When Traveling in Japan?

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