Enoshima Island Spa Easily Accessible and Tourist Friendly Spa Near Tokyo

Enoshima Island Spa is by far one of the best hot spring spas near Tokyo.  The delightful hot spring water comes up from 1500 meters below the island and you will find pools set to three different temperatures to suit your preference.  Enoshima Island Spa is also popular with foreigners in Japan because it has a pool where you can wear your bathing suit, unlike at other hot spring baths throughout the country.  The different pools come with explanations of their purpose, such as relaxation, diet, fatigue etc.  Accompanied by an amazing view of the ocean and Mt Fuji in the background, you are sure to have a most enjoyable time at Enoshima Island Spa.  It will take you less than an hour and a half to reach Enoshima from downtown Tokyo on the Odakyu Romance Car.


For more information, visit http://enoshimaislandspa.com/