Deep Japan : RYOKAN (Japanese Inn)

Remember the days when travel was still an unhurried affair?

If you are looking for something to relieve stress and everyday worries in tranquil surroundings, Japanese Ryokans could be simply one of the best options. Staying at a Ryokan will bring you back to the true senses of life. Fine dining, hot springs bathing, sleeping in Japanese futons, and wearing a Japanese Yukata (cotton robe) are some of the elements that will make your stay memorable.

The prices of Japanese inns (ryokan) vary depending on the place. Some of the famous ryokan in the atami or izu area will cost you 1000 dollars per night. These places will definitely have superb service including traditional meals using fresh local ingredients. Just as there is the upper extreme in the spectrum, there are cheaper inns too. There are many different kinds of ryokan/minshuku (bed and breakfasts) in Japan and you can see definitions of them here by Japanese Guest House.

One of our Deep Japan Senpai, Jeff Aasgaard shares his valuable advice in his article “Minshuku, the Best Way to Experience Japan”.

In 2000, Jeff started Japanese Guest Houses which is a ryokan (Japanese inn) reservation service which has helped over 100,000 travelers from all over the world plan their perfect Japanese getaway. Representing 600 of the best ryokans in Japan, Japanese Guest Houses have created a list of ryokan styles to help you better understand the different types of ryokans and what to expect if you stay at one of them, from“standard ryokan”to“luxurious ryokan”. These are actually very helpful insights to select what best suits your interest. He said that Japan is beautiful and that he is very happy that more and more travelers are discovering that simple fact!

Also take a look at many more advices about Ryokan on Deep Japan here. Deep Japan will take Visitors further in for a more “Local” experience in Japan and we have many wonderful Deep Japan “Senpai” who are willing to share their experiences in Japan like Jeff.

Ryokan getaway will beef up your trip to Japan or, if you live here, give you a change in scenery even if just for a day. Visit one of them this summer!