Deep Japan – Real Experience to Enrich Your Travel

If you are looking for some accurate travel suggestions and advice that is a little different from what you might find in conventional travel guides, take a look on the Deep Japan website.  The writers for Deep Japan are all long term residents of Japan and therefore have an abundance of inside knowledge and useful information to share with international visitors and other foreign residents.

One example of recent a recent article is, “Should I Get a Japan Rail Pass?”, an article that describes some of the pros and cons of the popular Japan Rail Pass and outlines situations where it may or may not be necessary.  There is also a great travel itinerary, Planning an Amazing Trip to Japan But Not Sure Where to Go?, which is perfect for someone on a two week trip to Japan who wants to get the most out of their trip by visiting some of Japan’s most unique and worthwhile places.

Be sure to check out Deep Japan, for these and many more fantastic travel tips for visiting Japan.