Deep Japan Kickoff Event

Thanks to all our Gold Senpais!

At long last, Jarman International along with Zero-in is bringing the Deep Japan project to fruition. The aim is to create an easily-accessible, reliable, and positive advice site for first-time travelers in Japan, and new residents alike. We supplement the existing guide information on Japan with “deeper” info on the logistics, and how-to; provided directly from the personal experiences and recommendations of our “Gold Senpai” network. Think of Deep Japan as the nuts and bolts of the fantastic and exotic image of a trip to Japan.

The foundation has been laid out by Jarman International in the form of 300 different “themes” to begin eliciting high quality and personalized advice from our enthusiastic writers (our “Senpais”). To kick things off, we held a DJ Senpai welcome event in the heart of the Tokyo popraod showcase bar in ginza, projector screen lit upnightlife oasis, Ginza, at “Showcase Bar, Pop Road”; a fresh and stylistic dining bar, with excellent Italian food, and multi-media amenities to make it a perfect spot for a Tokyo networking party, project kickoff, or relaxed business event. We had about 70 people in attendance, and the venue kept everyone pleased with drinks and food, and space was not an issue in the slightest.




The event began with a short and sweet powerpoint presentation from Ruth Shiraishi ruth shiraishi and daijo san giving a presentation on Deep Japanoutlining the project, and what we hope to accomplish with our Senpai contributions, and the role of the Senpai going forward. Mr. Daijo, president of Zeroin then led all attendees in a toast, which was followed by vibrant networking among some of the most connected people in Tokyo.



tokyo american club communications director at the gold senpai kickoff

We aim to utilize Deep Japan as a self-generating source of unique travel and lifestyle information in Japan, as well as provide an outlet for our Senpai network to exchange ideas, and keep one another as well as the Deep Japan reader base updated on their personal activities and ventures, both charitable and business oriented. Just to give you an idea of our network, we had the communications director from the Tokyo American Club (TAC) informing us of events and club news, a director of another travel site focused on more historical aspects of Japan, an American cartoonist with an upcoming exhibition in Roppongi….The diversity of backgrounds added to the excitement and prospects entering the Deep Japan actualization phase.


We were also lucky to have Ms. Yuko Arimori, silver medalist in the Barcelona Olympic Marathon event in attendance. Something about having a celebrity in the same boat as all of us is inspiring. You could really feel the energy when she took the microphone and expressed her enthusiasm.
Arimori Yuko endorsing deep japan at the gold senpai kickoff eventdeep japan-kickoff-timo



The party gave the project some healthy momentum, and we were both relieved our efforts up until this point had paid off, and energized to maintain a positive and hard-working mindset toward this project long term. We will work hard to channel the valuable contributions of our Senpai network toward a resourceful and accessible site for all those interested in coming to Japan and experiencing the warmth and fun of life in Japan for themselves.

kurtis with the deep japan kickoff event signWith the travel market set to boom in the next decade, we hope to grow this site, and expand our Senpai network to really get into the nitty gritty details of getting the most out of a Japan trip. More will be welcome soon, so let’s stay positive and help bring out the goodness of the Japan we have come to know and love.





Thanks for the pics Andrew Soh Chih Jen, Senpai!