Autumn Experience at Enospa

Here is a nice testimonial of someone taking the Autumn Spa Course at Enospa

Hi  everyone, Matsubara here to tell you all about my fantastic time taking the Autumn relaxation course at Enospa.
Just a stroll for about 15 minutes from Enoshima station, to the extraordinary Enoshima Island Spa….

enospa 1

The spa welcomed me with a fresh drink, as I relaxed leisurely on a sofa in the first floor cafe.

The Autumn spa course begins with “stone therapy”.
You choose a “power stone” from 4 different styles, to keep with you through the day. I chose the yellow one without hesitation.

The stone holds a special meaning, and the yellow one that I chose seemed to reflect my body and soul..

enospa 2enospa 3



Enoshima Island Spa recently received the “Crystal Award” given to the top 10 spas in Japan. Needless to say, as I enjoyed my break in the first floor cafe, excitement for my day of treatment and healing was elevating quickly.

The therapist who was with me at the beginning of my “stone treatment” helped me craft a special healing course from over 40 different options. The fact that I was awaiting my personal course was another element of excitement.

I had a bit of time before the spa treatment began, so I set out on some island exploration.
With the Autumn plan at Enospa, an appealing point is that you can enter and exit the spa as you please, so shopping and sightseeing is an important part of it.

Also, knowing the legend behind Enospa, and also that it’s a “power spot” just makes island exploration that much more fun.

enospa harbor view

Rebuilt in 1821, and also a very important cultural legacy of Fujisawa city, the Enoshima Benzaiten shopping street was the starting point of my walk.

The shrines and monuments here and there along the street give the island a feeling of protection. I can see why it’s a power spot!

The evening sun was getting lower, so I made my way back to the spa.

Seeing the darkening sky and sea from the 10 different types of pools and hots springs is the perfect transfer into evening. I was astounded by the expanding ocean before me.

Seeing Mt. Fuji on top of this inspiration brought me to an elevated sense of weightlessness and calm. I was then ready for my massage and aroma therapy treatment.


Following the spa plan previously crafted for me, my tiredness was instantly relieved as I was soothed by the aromatic oils in used in the treatment.

enospa oil

ensospa massage

The feeling of the blissful massage sent me into a sleep state, and I spent a good meditative time in the members’ lounge of the Beng Teng Spa.

I received a bracelet made of the power stone I initially chose, and I then realized the meaning within.

As I gazed over the darkening sky, I looked at my bracelet and recalled the healing aura I had been blessed with throughout the day.

Starting in Tokyo, making my way to the cultural power spot, being healed by the expansive Shonan coastline and Enospa therapy, it was truly a luxurious day to myself that I won’t soon forget. Enoshima’s healing power gives me a sense that tomorrow will be a different day, that tomorrow I can begin anew and rejuvenated.

We would love for you to experience this moving and powerful day of healing. Give yourself a day off, and experience the holistic healing for yourself.

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