Deep Japan – 7 Reasons Why Tokyo is the New Paris – Food and Wine

American magazine Food & Wine, recently published an article 7 Reasons Why Tokyo is the New Paris.  The article is aimed at trying to highlight reasons Americans should consider a trip to Japan.  The opening line of their article reads, “Without question, Tokyo is one of the world’s greatest food cities”.  The author Alex Vallis continues on to state, “Tokyo is better than Paris” and then lists seven reasons to support this statement.

We would certainly have to agree that Japan, including Tokyo is a pretty fantastic place to visit!  If you need convincing of this or you would just like some help planning a trip to Japan, you will find many helpful articles on travel website Deep Japan.   The most popular category on Deep Japan is ‘Eat and Drink’.  Here you will find over 300 articles with advice for tourists on eating and drinking your way around Japan, supporting Alex Vallis’ claims of Tokyo having amazing food at a reasonable price.  In fact his article by Lee Reeve about the Bluff Bakery serves to reinforce three of Vallis’ claims – Japan has great pastries, cheap eats and wonderful people!