Youtube Notoriety

33 More Reasons to be Proud

Ruth’s book is gaining increased notoriety as the video introduction to the book and its concept has reached over 50,000 views on Youtube. This is quite the feat for a video released in Japanese.

日本人が世界に誇れる33のこと 1

Ruth here expresses her hope for the new year in Japan to be filled with Love, appreciation, and peace. Looking back on her recent trip to her hometown in Hawaii in which she met many traveling Japanese people, she was once again struck with the realization that the Japanese mindset, approach, and manners differentiate them from others when abroad. She urges them to see themselves not as unfortunately different from the rest of the world, but unique, and in a position to share and learn as to bring greater prosperity and human relations between Japan and the world. Moreover, she highlights the importance of playing an active role in achieving this, and taking pride in being a member of a generally industrious and dedicated race. This is said very well in succinct and simple Japanese; pretty good for what I’m guessing was a first take!