The Water Pearl Show at Enoshima Island Spa

Our one-of-a-kind Water Pearl Show will commence at Enoshima Island Spa twice at evening time (Show time: from 7:30p.m. and 8:30p.m., approximately 10 minutes) The Water Pearl Show is a dynamic and romantic blend of light, water and music that mysteriously seems to defy space and time.

The show will be held at the indoor pool area. The beautiful performance will have different themes every time such as “Ocean Rock” and “Floating World”. First you will see the aurora display produced by the world’s first artificial aurora generating device.

We welcome all our guests to come by the 2nd floor pool area for this special presentation and guests can wear spa robes in the pool area to watch the show. Enjoy Enoshima Island Spa’s original special attraction.

Watch the sunset and enjoy the Evening Spa from 7 p.m. for a discounted entrance fee of 2,223 yen for weekdays and 2,742 yen on weekend until we close at 10pm. (Regular entrance fee is 2,742 yen for weekdays and 3,282 yen on weekend during high season of July and August)

You can take a look at how the Spa is like at Enospa Photo Gallery. We are looking forward to welcoming you this summer!