The Joy of Enoshima Island Spa

Whether a spa enthusiast or first timer, Enoshima Island Spa is an affordable, luxurious experience not soon forgotten.

As someone who’s lived in the Shonan area for over ten years, regular trips to Enoshima Island were par for the course. My only regret was that it took me as long as it did to discover the island’s true hidden gem: Enoshima Island Spa. For less than 3000 yen, you can spend an entire day relaxing in one or all of their various indoor and outdoor pools, as well as their sauna. The pools have marvelous views of the beach and ocean, and on a clear day one can even gaze upon Mt. Fuji.


“Enospa”, as it’s regularly called, is a Japanese onsen resort located just an hour from central Tokyo. In addition to the mineral-rich natural hot springs that fill their pools, pumped from 1,500 meters below the ocean, one can also find relief with a variety of treatments at their Beng Teng Spa and Yumemi Shiatsu Salon. Hungry? Try one of their cafes or even fine dining at their Island Grill Restaurant. There’s so much they offer to keep you entertained while you recover from fatigue and beautify your skin to achieve better peace of mind. It’s no wonder why Enospa has been rated one of the top 10 day spas at TripAdvisor for four years running.

No matter the season, you’ll find refreshing comfort at Enospa. Their facilities are pristine and run by knowledgeable, professional staff who will treat you like a king or queen. I’m a regular visitor there and can’t say enough about the place; one of my go-to things to do when I need a break or recharge from the daily grind.

The great thing about spending a day at Enospa is once you’re finished, you can enjoy everything else the popular island has to offer!

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Please check out Enoshima Island Spa’s website for more details.


(original text by Lee Reeve, Content Manager)