Shiatsu Foot Massage

The Yumemi area at Enoshima Island Spa offers world-class shiatsu foot treatment

Tiredness truly begins from the ground up. Your feet are crucial to circulation and support, and more often than not, people are generally wearing shoes that aren’t ideal for pediatric health. Business and active people alike will find that the Enoshima Island Spa has deep tissue foot and leg treatment to release built up stress and fatigue.
We encourage you to try the Shiatsu foot massage at Yumemi on your trip to Enoshima Island Spa. This is called Ashi-Tsubo in Japanese and is known to be a great solution to fatigue. Expect less foot pain, better posture, and more energy.

Here are the available options:

20 minute course for a relaxing trial experience ¥2,200
30 minute course recommended for a balanced experience ¥3,300
40 minute course for when you’re truly fatigued ¥4,400
60 minute course for the maximum deep tissue treatment ¥6,600