Press Coverage of Midas Office

Midas Receives the New Office Award with Poise

Mr. Okumura, president of Midas, receiving the Nikkei New Office award

Here is an update on the kind of press coverage Midas is receiving regarding their new office and the principles that make it work:

Midas Office Interior Design Receives Nikkei New Office Award

Here as well, and also here

Jarman International is very honored to be working with an office company in Japan so intent on raising the bar, and really opening up the discussion in terms of what kind of effect the office environment has on employee performance. The answer has been a resounding one, as Midas employees have demonstrated with designs for other firms that the structure of both the design and the principles and logic behind the design are inter-related, and employees both respect and respond to this.

This time around, Midas is being praised for the progressive restructuring of its own office space in Tsukiji, Tokyo, near the world famous fish market. It is only a recent change, but the effects have been concrete and quantifiable, as employee satisfaction and comfort levels are higher than ever, and Midas is fully prepared for more clients as Japan approaches a brighter stage of business development.