Pay it Forward 2012

snowboarding picture for pay it forward 2012

No Snowboarding, No Life

a headshot of Daze Arai, organizer of pay it forward in Japan

At the previous HRM meeting, we heard from Daze Arai, a professional snowboarder in Japan. I could instantly tell that about half the room of business people were a bit skeptical of hearing from a snowboarder in a suit….but they were soon pleasantly surprised.

the front cover of no snowboarding no life by Daze Arai
There are no miracles,
everything is dependent!


Daze has authored a book based on the events in his life, and furthermore how he has now shifted from the pro scene to using snowboarding as a spiritual, physical, and moreover commercial vehicle to change the world. Yumiyama san, chairman of HRM, highly recommends the book as it not only connects the passion Daze has for snowboarding to the sort of enthusiasm needed in Japanese global business, but it also has a very deep and inspirational message of conquering chronic life issues; in Daze’s case, he suffered from bone marrow deficiency. Daze was able to get surgery and make a full recovery through the donations and support of his fans, friends, and family. He has such devoted his fame and effort to tell his story and communicate it to future generations.

He had planned to focus hard on shooting for videos and magazines, and show his riding off to the world…..But he would soon hit a wall in his life. After countless examinations, they finally figured out that he was infected with the “EB” virus. It’s not necessarily a prominent disease, as only about one in a million are infected. His dreams had been cut short by a chronic disease. However, not losing sight, he channeled his riding, his friends, and his willpower to overcome this life issue. This book tells of his story.

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Daze is going to be putting on an event in Yoyogi park this weekend in Tokyo. Through his book and social activities, he hopes to let the world know of his story, and inspire future generations to work hard for their goals, and depend on the goodwill and cooperation of others.

pay it forward 2012 event flyer

Here is the event link