Partner of Jarman International, Austin Auger, delivered an empowering speech on the appeal of studying abroad to the students of Meiji University

“One of the reasons why I enjoyed interacting with the students of Meiji University was witnessing their eagerness in pursuit of knowledge and experience–not only for personal growth but also for the benefit of the university, future corporate organizations, and Japan as a whole. Indeed, they are our future leaders.” 

On May 7th, Jarman International’s partner, Austin Auger, spoke to the students of Meiji University who are considering studying abroad. At the heart of the speech was a commitment to help empower young minds and shape Japan’s future through a more global education. 

“The presentation I delivered aimed to underscore the benefits of international exposure for learning and experiencing diverse social behaviors, business practices, and communication styles. It also encouraged students to compare these experiences with the familiar Japanese cultural environment they currently inhabit. This serves as a foundation for self-discovery, enabling them to identify their strengths and areas for improvement. They can learn how to set goals, measure progress, and ultimately achieve their objectives. I urge them not to fear making mistakes but rather to take calculated risks to deepen their experiences further.”

As the Japanese government set the bold target of nearly doubling international enrollment by 2033, Austin’s speech was a timely beacon of guidance amidst the significant changes happening across the country in terms of globalization.