New Year Information and Greetings from Jarman International

Ready for a New Year at Jarman International and in Japan

Back to work today in Japan!

From our base in Japan, after two years of action and learning, we are ready for a year of action and results.

JI sees three reasons for hope of Japan’s economy receiving a pretty significant pump this year;

  1. A lower corporate tax rate which means this country will be more attractive to outside investors.
  2. Meaningful incentives to companies moving out of Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya.
  3. A new tax break of up to 10 million yen on funds given to children or grand children.

Number three in particular, heralds some interesting changes in workforce diversity since babysitting costs, tuition, etc., come under the 10 million yen tax free bracket. If it were me, I would ask grandpa for some funds to send my kids to international school or get a babysitter for the evenings so I could work until I am satisfied, not according to daycare schedules, etc.

Also, Number 1 will benefit our relocation, hotel and serviced apartment service since more firms will make Japan their APAC headquarters, number two will help our office construction, project management, design and consulting service since big firms will opt out of the three major business centers and will be looking to increase efficiency and their sense of teamwork. Finally, number three will help our relaxation/rejuvenation and tourism business since there will be more money flowing into the economy and giving restaurants and hotels more wherewithal to re-invest in tapping the international visitor market.

Nice things ahead for all.

My hope for Jarman International is that we can do our small part in helping the world transition into a more integrated, interdependent and mutually supportive era. The world wide web breaks down the former separations. How we meld, communicate, absorb and maintain our identity is up to us.

Have a great New Year everyone!

Ruth Marie Jarman (Shiraishi), CEO
Jarman International KK

著書 「日本人が世界に誇れる33のこと」、「やっぱりすごいよ、日本人