Enoshima Island Spa Kamakura Fireworks Festival

Save the date for the Kamakura fireworks taking place on July 23 a short distance down the coast from ‪‎Enoshima island.

The 67th Kamakura Fireworks Festival takes place at Yuigahama on the coast of Kamakura City.

What’s special about this event are Fireworks Over the Ocean. You will be amazed with a number of colorful fireworks over the black evening ocean. Some 2,500 fireworks will be let off on the day. In case of bad weather, the event will be cancelled with no alternative day this year.


This would probably be a good finish to a day trip to the area, especially when it’s combined with relaxing dip in our Hot Springs and refreshing outside pools at Enoshima Island Spa. Walk across the bridge to the island and then turn right. On clear days you could see Mt Fuji from here. There is no reservation required for spa entrance and the entrance rate before 7p.m. is 2,742 yen/person and the rate from 7 p.m. in the evening is 1,705 yen/person.

Please see below for the Fireworks event.

Dates: 23rd Jul, 2015

Start/End Time: 19:20 – 20:10

Venue: Kamakura Kaihin Park

Web: http://tokyocheapo.com/events/kamakura-fireworks-festival/

Entry: Free

Closest station(s): Yuigahama

Area: Kamakura, Yuigahama

Why don’t you plan a day trip to Enoshima Island this summer?