Jarman International CEO made a trip to Malawi and Zambia






Jarman International CEO Ruth Marie Jarman made a trip to Malawi and Zambia recently and was able to connect with hotel developer consultants Bridget and Marc. Hailing from Dutch Caribbean and the Netherlands respectively, this team travels around the world working with owners to successfully open hotels and lodges. In our case, we caught them at the tail end of opening a new lodge in Zambia for Kiboko Safaris. Ruth learned so much from them about how to utilize low context, direct communication in dealing with staff and various challenges that come up as a new facility gets off the ground. While Ruth was part of many development efforts via Space Design from the year 2000, she saw how clear communication with kindness and a smile can be very effective when working in a totally new environment with radically different cultures. In Train to Globalize we discuss how different types of communication styles can affect projects, but here in Zambia we saw it first hand. It worked very well and we hope our increased knowledge of how things are done outside Japan will help us better advise and partner with our clients.