HRM Association : Sept & October Event Report

On September 24, the HRM Association welcomed Mr. Koichiro Ando, CEO of PARADISE PICNIC CO., LTD.  It was held at the beautiful Midas Company Limited office in Tsukiji, Tokyo.

More than 50% of Japanese companies decide to withdraw from the business within one year and 90% of them are gone after 5 years in Thailand. The GDP per capita of Thailand is as same as that of Japan in 1970’s and wages for Thailand worker has doubled in recent 8 years. However, under such a hard circumstance, Mr. Ando has been very successful in Thailand since he started his business when he was only 26. He worked hard to master local Thailand language within 2 months and he talks to local staff in their own language in order to communicate better. He is very optimistic about all the accidents such as floods, demonstrations and the coup and yet always pay careful attention to Japanese representatives staff working at overseas branches. We have learned a lot from his positive attitude and delicate yet dynamic management style. His company will surely continue to contribute to future economic development of Asian countries.

Next Event : Our next event will take place on October 22nd Wednesday, from 10am  at Midas Company Limited office.

We will have Mr. Takao Sogo, CEO of Tokutake Corporation.

Tokutake Corporation, located in Kagawa prefecture, is one of the leading senior comfort shoes manufacturers Japan. Tokutake Corporation was established in 1957 and Mr. Sogo was inaugurated as president after his father in law passed away suddenly in 1984. He has started development of preventive care shoes for elderly people. Their “Ayumi shoes” product line now provides safe comfortable walking shoes and rehabilitation care for people with disabilities and the elderly. They have been listening to clients voices very carefully and support to manufacture a pair of shoes with different size for right and left feet and sell one individual shoe not a pair. Altogether about 7 million pair of Ayumi shoes have been sold and its market share grew to the top, which allows no one else to imitate in the industry.

Mr. Sogo says they are committed to connecting hearts through their business. When you buy Ayumi shoes, you will also receive a letter from a staff member of Ayumi Shoes. They hope to deliver to clients happy wishes of everyone involved together with their products. In fact, we receive letters and postcards from customers almost every day. They are committed to remain sensitive to the ever-changing needs of their customers.

Tokutake Corporation received the Shiju Hosho (Order of the Purple Ribbon) in 2011 and won the Jury’s Special Awards as “Most Honorable Company in Japan” in 2012.

October 22nd (Wednesday) 10:00-12:00 (buffet style lunch)

@ Midas HQ (Round Cross Tsukiji Building 5F, 3-9-9 Tsukiji, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

Rate: Members 3,000 Yen  General 4,000Yen

To register: Please include your name, phone number and/or email address and contact the HRM Association at

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