Hotel and Residence Roppongi won Good Design Awards 2014

H&R Roppongi won the famous “Good Design Awards 2014“! The concept of their renovation project is highly evaluated ; redefining 2 types of living space (furnished apartment rents for a month and apartment rents for a year) into a new one complex that provides a living space for various periods.

Good Design Award is a comprehensive and annual program for the evaluation of design, organized by Japan Institute of Design Promotion (JDP). Its origin was “Good Design Selection System” established in 1957 by Ministry of International Trade and Industry. Since then, it has been given to approximately 40,000 outstanding designs for more than 55 years. Good Design Award attracts approximately 3,000 submissions from more than 1,000 companies and designers from all over the world every year.

Located just between the Nishi Azabu crossing and Roppongi Hills, Hotel and Residence Roppongi was completely renewed into Japan’s most unique boutique hotel in 2012. Before, it was a real eye-sore, a sad a lonely looking building in a vibrant ecstatic part of the Tokyo metropolis. Stuck in the past with no-one to help, the building was falling into ruin. However, just 2 years ago, visionary architects, Hiroyuki Ito and Doppo Matsubara, who are specialised in renovation, let the building unveil, allowing its beauty to grace the busy street.

Combining SOHO work space, all the luxury and service support available with a 24/7 hotel concierge and perfectly appointed Serviced Apartments with full kitchen for stays of one month or more, Hotel & Residence Roppongi offers living that focuses on smooth success in business and relaxing peace of mind. Why don’t you check out a stylish and sturdy boutique hotel situated in the middle of Roppongi?

Take a look at our 360 degree tour of the building here.