H&R Group – Using ATM Cards Issued Overseas in Japan

MasterCard holders with cards issued outside of Japan should be aware of some recent developments that could hinder their access to overseas funds from Japan. Cardholders of MasterCard “Maestro-branded” EMV Cards issued outside of Japan are temporarily unable to use ATMs in Japan over an update issue. This is labeled as a temporary situation by Citibank, but 7-Eleven states “that users of overseas issued MarsterCard brand cash cards and credit cards will no longer be able to withdraw Japanese yen or perform balance inquires at Seven Bank ATMs from Friday, April 19, 2013.” 7-Eleven’s statesment sounds more permament.

See the JP Post and 7-Eleven Websites for details on this issue. Mastercard’s Statement

Before arriving in Japan you should know that most bank ATMs in Japan will not accept credit, debit or ATM cards that were issued outside of Japan. If you are unaware this could leave you without access to money after arrival. No cash could be a problem, but with some knowledge and planning you should be able to access your money.

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