Japan Info Swap – Staying Safe during Typhoons and Storms in Japan

A powerful typhoon raced across Japan’s crowded Kanto area before moving offshore this Monday, bringing heavy wind and rain and driving more than 400,000 people into temporary shelters. It is a very sad news that one U.S. Air Force member is dead and two are missing after being swept away in a typhoon that hit Okinawa, Japan, Sunday.

Typhoon season in Japan runs from June to December, but most typhoon activity occurs between the months of July and September. Another one is expected to come close to Japan next week. Southern parts of Japan, such as Okinawa and Kagoshima are particularly affected by these storms, but residents of any part of Japan are likely to experience one or more during their time here.

Japan Info Swap summarizes what to do if a typhoon is approaching and what to do if a typhoon strikes your area.

Staying Safe during Typhoons and Storms in Japan

If possible, please stay at home and keep advised of the situation by watching TV or radio. While not always in English, important notices are given in English on NHK. Please stay safe from heavy rainfall and high winds during typhoons.

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