H&R Group: Car Sales and Leasing in Japan

Living in Tokyo, or other metropolitan areas of Japan, is as you may know, very conveniently, quickly, and easily navigated using public transportation. However, your specific situation may require you to have constant access to a car. Not to mention the fact that having the capability to take a day trip to the many fantastic countrysides, hot springs, or beaches nearby is quite appealing. Or you may just be a motor-head and can’t imagine life without a car!

Regardless, Lease Japan offers consistently updated information on cars available for purchase or lease; cars of all shapes, sizes, and price ranges, sure to fit your specific needs.In Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, and throughout Japan, they get more people into the car of their choice, and on the road than anyone else.

It goes without saying that all the technicalities can be left in the hands of the professionals at Lease Japan; you’ll be insured and behind the wheel without having to step foot into the Japanese DMV.


Lease Japan is one of the service division at H&R Group. They place lifestyle in the forefront. With properties spanning Japan’s largest and most vibrant cities, H&R Group helps you fine tune every detail no matter how big or small, in order to minimize the hardships and inconveniences of Japanese relocation; a breath of fresh air in a fast-paced and dynamic society.