Check Out This Video to See How Sado Island Takes Steps Against COVID-19!

Check Out This Video to See How Sado Island Takes Steps Against COVID-19!Catchphrases such as “ The New Normal” and “Post-Coronavirus” can be heard often these days and it seems that people have started coming and going through public spaces little by little. Although things may not be able to return to the way they were before COVID-19, is it possible for us to adjust to a new normal way of life, especially for the inbound tourism market?

Our partner, Sado Tourism Association has released a great video to show how they are trying to fit into that new normal life. Please click the link HERE.

The video shows how Sado Island is taking steps against COVID-19. Translated with English subtitles, it explains how each facility on the island conducts a temperature check for visitors, shows how to enjoy riding traditional “Tarai-Boat” and how to play the Taiko, or Japanese drums, while adhering to social distancing, etc. It’s clear in the video that the people of the island are trying their best to make visitors feel at ease wherever they are on Sado Island with this new normal lifestyle.

Sado Island has had many collaborations with our company, such as “Earth Celebration” and other events. We were so impressed with their video, that we, too, are very much looking forward to visiting the island again sometime soon!