– Stay Healthy in English, in Japan

Many people put off getting important health checks or starting key wellness care while living overseas because they don’t know where to go. You might be the one too.

Jarman International’s newest partner, is the 24/7 solution for English speakers who would like to have immediate advice and service for medical and dental needs at their fingertips.

HealthyTokyo provides peace of mind and alleviates the stress associated with finding English speaking health and wellness practitioners in Japan for about a cost of one lunch each month. The yearly membership for individuals is only 15,000 yen for a full 12 months of health & wellness support.

Japan has great health services, but they are sometimes a bit hidden away, especially for the English-speaking community. HealthyTokyo gives patients the power to choose the right healthcare provider for the right problem at the right time. Members of HealthyTokyo community can get special deals from gyms, spa, healthy restaurants as well as free sessions and wellness coaches. You can call their dedicated Healthy Concierge to set up reservations and sessions for you and your family.

Please check their website ( for more details!