Spa Treatment Japan – Golden Week at the Bengteng Spa

Now that Golden Week is here it is finally time to enjoy some well earned rest and recuperation.  A perfect way to do this is with a Mermaid Body Treatment Plan at the Bengteng Spa.

Enoshima Island Spa is offering a fabulous special offer until May 31st.  It has just been confirmed with the BengTeng Spa manager that the mornings of May 5 and 6 are still relatively available for treatment reservations!  To make a reservation you can phone directly on 0466-29-0690.  BengTeng is open from 11 am throughout Golden Week.

With BengTeng Spa’s Mermaid Body Treatment plan you will have the use of the wonderful Enospa facilities, including the onsen, pools and sauna for a full day, along with a luxurious Enospa signature body massage using aromatic oils and pressure point massage therapy.  Golden Week could be a great time to take advantage of this wonderful offer, priced at just ¥9,762 including a 40 minute massage or ¥13,002 for a 60 minute massage.

Signature massage is also very popular. On top of body massage using aromatic oils (you can choose your favorite aroma from 4 different types), you can enjoy hot stone massage on your back.  This is a great warming treatment to remove your stress.  Available at ¥10,260 for a 60 minute massage and ¥15,228 for a 90 minute massage.

You can even take a couples’ signature massage treatment (together in the same special room with two therapists) for 9,720 yen each (tax separate). What a wonderful addition to your special day in Enoshima!  Have a lovely Golden Week!

 For more information on Enoshima Island Spa, visit Enospa website and like theirFacebook page.

The current promotional price of ¥9,762 will buy you a luxurious, signature spa treatment Japan style using aromatic oils and pressure point massage therapy.  On top of this you will receive full day use of the facilities at the adjoining Enoshima Island Spa, including mineral hot spring pools, traditional Japanese style onsen, sauna facilities and more.  There are several dining options available at the spa for when you get hungry, or you could explore the delightful sights of Enoshima Island, stopping for a bite to eat along the way.  The best part about it is that in less than an hour and a half, you can reach Enoshima Island from downtown Tokyo!  It is far enough away to make you feel like you are taking a mini vacation but close enough that it is an easy, stress free journey.

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