Enoshima Fireworks Festival, October 19th

A beautiful end to your summer with a Japanese firework spectacle in Enoshima on October 19th


Enoshima Island Spa is offering a special opportunity to those interested in having prime seating during the Enoshima Fireworks festival. Getting a nice seat during any fireworks event in the Tokyo area can be a very difficult task, usually requiring that you save a spot from early in the morning.

Enoshima Island Spa is allowing use of the actual spa facility as well as the courtyard area to be reserved for seating during the fireworks event. This is a truly great opportunity, as you will be able to use the spa before or afterwards as you please.

The fireworks will be launched by boat right off the courtyard area, in between the spa and the view of Mt. Fuji. Literally front row seats to what promises to be a beautiful spectacle.

Seating Options

The Dragon Courtyard

This is the area immediately outside the main entrance

Terrace A:                             1 person- 5,000yen
8 tables, 32 seats

Terrace B:                            1 person- 4,000yen terraces_320x184
6 tables, 12 seats

Terrace C:                           1 person- 3,000 yen
17 tables, 68 seats


The Oceanside Cafe (pool area)

outdoor pool area

This is the outdoor pool area with both tables and pool chairs available

Pool Chair:                               1 person- 8,000yen
4 seats

Terrace Table:                          1 person- 5,000yen
8 seats

Regular Table:                         1 person- 4,000 yen
16 seats

*All pool seats will include an Oceanside Cafe lunch
**The regular cost of the facility of 1,650 will also apply

The Island grill

island grill

Indoors, relaxed, and high, the Island Grill will be the best seat for the event

Buffet plan: 5~8pm, 8,000 yen

The buffet course will include the finest selections of seafood and vegetables, including pasta dishes, and delectable desserts from the highly revered Enoshima Island Grill, which is fantastic even separate of the spa.
*Use of the spa will require additionally the facility charge of 1,650 yen

Please contact Enshima Island Spa directly for seat reservations from Sept. 19th

TEL +81 (0)466-29-0688 FAX +81 (0)466-25-0588
ADDRESS: Enoshima 2-1-6, Fujisawa City, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan 251-0036