Enoshima Island Spa: Top 10 Day Spas in Japan on TripAdvisor!

Happy Annoucement!

After two years of very hard work bringing in fantastic international guests who love hot springs, beautiful views, Mt. Fuji, the ocean and aromatherapy, Enoshima Island Spa was named the 10th most popular day spa in Japan by Trip Advisor. All we did was bring this amazing spa to the world via the various Jarman International channels and when people started to come, they started to spread the word. That word made numbers go from 0 each month to now… over 200 international visitors a month and it seems everyone enjoys their time. The spa is proud that trip advisor fans saw the value and made this spa receive a very high and wonderfully exciting ranking. I guess we can say that we now have proof that this day spa is worth a visit.

Heated pools, natural hot spring water from 1500 meters below the ocean, friendly staff, views of Mt. Fuji…what more do you need? Have a break, Have an Enospa smile emotion!


You can make your reservation through our English website! We have a beautiful photo gallery which helps you to get a better feel of what Enospa is like!

Enoshima Island Spa Photo Gallery