Enoshima Island Spa – Japanese Onsen resort with view of Mt. Fuji

The Enoshima Island Spa is bolstering its image as a “Japanese Onsen resort with view of Mt. Fuji”, and identifying itself as the number one resort destination in the greater Tokyo area, complete with hot spring therapy, healthy meals, exercise courses, relaxing aroma and massage therapy, various music and activities, and an all around pleasant destination for tourists and residents alike.

Making your way to the cultural power spot, being healed by the expansive Shonan coastline and Enospa therapy, it will be truly a luxurious day to yourself that you won’t soon forget. Enoshima’s healing power gives you a sense that tomorrow will be a different day, that tomorrow you can begin anew and rejuvenated. We would love for you to experience the powerful day of healing.

The Enoshima Island Spa has a new Photo gallery on the English website. In addition to Trip advisor review site as well as the Enospa facebook page, our English website can give you a good idea of what to expect at Enospa, and put your inquiry and research in the right direction.

You can also see all the great customer feedback, media listing and sightseeing tips.

There is no reservation required for entrance and the entrance rate before 7p.m. is 2,742 yen/person and the rate from 7 p.m. in the evening is 1,705 yen/person. You have access to the Hot Spring, heated pools (don’t forget your bathing suit), relaxation room, a Spa robe and towels for your time in the spa. Massages or other treatment packages, etc. would be separate.

Give yourself a day off, and experience the holistic healing for yourself.