Enoshima Island Spa has become the Healthy Partner for HealthyTokyo.com

Our partner, Enoshima Island Spa has become the Healthy Partner for HealthyTokyo.com!

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HealthyTokyo.com offers unique services with their membership site dedicated to ensuring the health and wellness of Japan’s English-speaking foreign nationals, Japanese and overseas visitors. They connect you with best English-speaking doctors, dentists, wellness coaches, fitness and healthy-lifestyle partners. Members of HealthyTokyo community can get special deals from gyms, spa, healthy restaurants as well as free sessions and wellness coaches. You can call their dedicated Healthy Concierge to set up reservations and sessions for you and your family.

Their carefully selected and vetted network of doctors and dentists, wellness partners are dedicated to keeping you at your physical and mental peak. Join the healthcare concierge service that connects you with Japan’s top English-speaking doctors and wellness specialists, including our partner, Enoshima Island Spa!

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