Enoshima Island is a Legendary Power Spot

Article by Sayaka originally published on Deep Japan

Enoshima Island and Enoshima Shrine

I work on Enoshima, a small island with a legendary past that is known as a power spot.

Enoshima has the myth of a five-headed dragon. The dragon was responsible for the hardships in the surrounding area, and the benevolent goddess Benzaiten eventually came from above to soothe the dragon’s rage. Along with her coming, she raised a large landmass from the ocean to serve as her dwelling. The dragon, wooed by Benzaiten’s beauty and benevolence, fell in love with her, but she rejected his proposal as punishment for the adversity he had brought to the humble fishing communities. The dragon, in repentance, then became a dormant part of Enoshima island where it still remains today (an area called “Dragon Hill” on Enoshima.) The Enoshima land of Goddess has Enoshima shrine, which is famous for a god of match-making.


Enoshima Healing Power Stone

Crystal healing with mineral power stones is used from ancient world as an alternative medicine technique or therapy. Each unique stone has gentle and mysterious light attractions and they claim to have healing powers over body and soul and give spiritual guidance. At our shop, we have more than 90 kinds of power stones fully charged with Enoshima nature energy and Goddess power. Please choose your favourite stones and design then our staff can make an unique accessory only for you on the spot – you can order any type of designs such as bracelet, earrings, neckless, strap, rings, etc. Our staff is willing to help you with designs. Our shop, “Spa Life Shop Trend” is located inside Enoshima Island Spa.


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