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Paletas Frozen Fruit Bar

With Japan soon entering the rainy season and summer, there’s neither a quicker nor easier way to keep cool and feel refreshed than with – scream it with me – ICE CREAM!

Should you be lucky enough to be in the right area, I’d like to recommend you have a lick at Paletas Frozen Fruit Bar. Their first shop opened in Kamakura two years ago and was an instant hit. Since then, they’ve expanded to a total of five shops with branches in Yokohama and Tokyo. Once you taste their delectables, it’s easy to understand why.

With flavours such as Muscat Blanc, Sakuranbo Milk, and Migaki Ichigo, you know you’re in for a rare treat. Paletas offers over 40 flavours; you can choose from frozen juice-based, gelato-based, yogurt-based, even alcohol-based selections.

The ice creams don’t just taste outrageous, they look outstanding. Bits and slices of fruit are frozen into the ice creams themselves, practically pieces of edible art.

Paletas ice creams range from ¥400-¥500 a pop, and while that may sound expensive, once you’ve tasted one you won’t think the money wasted. I’ve never been much of an ice cream maniac, but Paletas could almost make one out of me.

Several of their stores also include a cafe, so you can order healthy lunches, baked vegetables or fruit, and smoothies. Take a look at their entire menu here: Open new window

And if you happen to live too far from one of their shops (see below), fear not, you can even order online! Open new window

Don’t let the summer heat beat you, let a Paletas frozen fruit bar come to your rescue! Trust me, you’ll thank yourself you did.


Paletas can be found at the following locations:

〒248-0012 Onari-cho 15-7 2F

〒180-0004 Musashi, Kichijōjihon-chō 2-4-6 1F

〒231-0062 Yokohama, Sakuragicho 1-1

Tokyo Midtown
〒107-0052 Akasaka 9-7-3 Tokyo Midtown Galleria B1

〒150-0034 Daikanyama-cho 20-23 Tenoha & Nekusuto 1F

Official Website:

*Article by Lee Reeve, originally published on Deep Japan


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