Deep Japan: Try not to bother anyone else…that is key.

Article by Ruthie originally published on Deep Japan

On a longer (30 minute plus) train ride, I will often splurge on a Green car ticket. These temperate cars have a nice train attendant who comes by to sell snacks and drinks and when it is not rush hour you can get a window seat with a table to tap on your computer while enjoying the sites. During rush hour, you may need to stand, but the Green car is a great way to avoid the crunch of Maiin densha (packed trains). There are countless little mannerisms you need to follow on the train but that is how we all work together to create a harmonious, non-stressed train environment.

I like how this couple is relaxing with their legs on the bags they have tucked in front of their seat. No one is blocking the narrow aisle and they keep the bag here instead of back by the stairs since that way is also a bit narrow. They chose roller overnight bags that are just so square and fit so well. Then they put the middle arm rest up and the lady puts her knees towards the center. A good excuse to get close and not bother anyone with your bags. You many notice two people took off their shoes which is only acceptable if you know the person next to you (like the guy in the couple) or there is no one near by, like the man sitting in front. If someone came and sat next to you or across the aisle from you the proper thing is to get those shoes back on and sit with both feet on the ground. Little things that mean a lot 🙂


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