Deep Japan – Hakone & Lake Ashi

Article by Alex, originally published on Deep Japan

If you are in search of that idyllic movie setting lakeside outing, then you have stumbled upon the right guiding information here. Look no further than a visit to the city of Hakone, which lies in the Kanagawa prefecture. Just under a two hour drive from Tokyo proper, you can be immersed in nature and in an outdoor activity extravaganza.

Hakone boasts many things as it lies on a very thermally and volcanically active location. Natural hot springs, or onsens, are ubiquitous. Brilliant resorts have been long established around these naturally therapeutic waters, which make for the perfect weekend getaway.

One of the other main attractions here is the serine Lake Ashi, or often referred to as simply Hakone Lake. There is a popular shoreline on this lake for visitors to post up at before they go in for a dip. Or, you can do other lake activities like boating or fishing. Natural geysers are also a big attraction which you can view via an adventurist ropeway ride to the top of Mt.Komagatake.

Hiking, fresh air, and good times are guaranteed here in the city of Hakone, and at Lake Ashi. While this is a place that is off the normal beaten tourist map to many foreigners, this is truly a little gem of a getaway place for locals. So when in Japan, go to Hakone.


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